Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships

  • Emotional  Respect: sharing feelings and respecting the answers, being safe to have a range of emotions, being supportive of one another, encouraging one another, equal footing in a relationship, mutual respect, listening, and more

  • Verbal Respect: being open minded, both partners sharing, listening, positive nonverbal, complements and more

  • Physical Respect: allowing personal space, asking before touching, high fives or hugs, and more

  • Sexual Respect: asking permission, talking about preferences, talking about intimacy before starting, mutual enjoyment and more


Check out the Equality wheel to learn more.


Unhealthy Relationships

Dating violence is more than just physical violence. Check out the Power and Control wheel to learn more.

  • Emotional Abuse: minimizing the other person’s feelings, denying that something happened when it did, blaming the other person for the partner’s behavior, belittling, not letting someone cry, withholding or oversharing information to hurt the other person, lying, over dramatization, and more

  • Verbal Abuse: name calling, belittling, not allowing the other person to speak, making jokes the other person is uncomfortable with, the silent treatment, constant messaging, angry or dismissive nonverbal communication, and more

  • Physical Abuse: looming over, hitting, slapping, punching, spitting, cutting, invading the other’s bubble, and more

  • Sexual Abuse: guilt tripping, not asking permission, unwanted touching, forced sex acts or intercourse, and more