Domestic Violence Reporting: A Media Guide for Journalists

This online guide is intended to provide reporters with vital information on not only how to report on incidences of domestic violence and domestic violence homicide, but provides an important understanding of domestic violence. We want to provide quick and easy access to the most current information and resources for full reporting of domestic violence in Iowa.


This online media guide provides:

Quick Tips for Covering Domestic Violence

About Our Member Programs

Best Media Practices

DV 101

Facts and Stats

Facts and statistics about economic justice issues and how they relate to domestic violence

Facts and statistics about the impact of firearms in domestic violence

Facts and Stats on the Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Facts and Statstistics on the Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Iowa


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Media Contact Information:


Lindsay Pingel

Director of Community Engagement

Iowa Coalition of Domestic Violence

P:515-244-8028 F:515-244-7417

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