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Legal Services Provided

  • Immigration Law

  • Family law

  • Protection orders

  • Housing and economic justice




  • Immigration Legal Assistance
    Isabel Martinez-Santos
    ICADV Legal Clinic Co-director,
    Bilingual DOJ Accredited Representative
    Phone: 515.244.8028

Qualifications for Assistance

The ICADV Legal Clinic ONLY accepts cases from victims and survivors of domestic violence. You do not need to currently be working with an advocate to qualify.


Our legal clinic takes a number of factors into consideration when accepting a new client, including but not limited to, financial hardship, safety concerns, children at risk and/or case/staff capacity.

  • Family Law/Other Legal Services
    Jess Johnson
    Attorney at Law
    Phone: 515.244.8028

How to Inquire about Assistance?

Contact the ICADV Legal Clinic directly at our office in Des Moines

ICADV’s Legal Clinic provides holistic legal representation to victims of domestic violence in Iowa. Our staff and attorney are trained in trauma-informed representation and view each client as a unique individual who needs a response tailored to his or her particular experiences, survival strategies and life goals.


Our staff also works closely with ICADV’s member programs to connect a client with
non-legal resources to reach his or her goals.

To learn more or if you have any questions,

please contact our legal staff at 515-244-8028.

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