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Applications are closed. They will open again in Fall 2024.


The Alice Barton Scholarship Program helps empower domestic violence survivors through education and job training. People who cause harm often use economic abuse in the form of financial barriers to control their victims, which can persist even after survivors successfully leave an unhealthy relationship.

Alice Barton Scholarship Program Focus

The Alice Barton Scholarship Program's mission is to enable victims to gain new knowledge and skills, increase their self-confidence, access better employment opportunities, and achieve economic independence.

Through the Alice Barton Scholarship Program, individual survivors of domestic violence can apply for annual scholarships of $2,000. The funds may be used to pay for tuition, books, and fees for classes, and a portion may be used to pay other expenses which support the survivor’s education and job training efforts, such as child care or transportation. 

About Alice Barton


The Alice Barton Scholarship Program was founded in honor of domestic violence survivor Alice Barton by her three children, Roxanne Conlin, Raymond Barton, and Rhoda Olsen. 


Roxanne Conlin is a well-known Iowa trial attorney and longtime supporter of the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Raymond Barton is the founder and board chairman of Great Clips, Inc., and Rhoda Olsen is the Great Clips CEO. Raymond Barton and Rhoda Olsen were raised in Des Moines and now live in Minnesota and Arizona.

Since the inception of the Alice Barton Scholarship Program in 2012, scholarships have been awarded to 300 survivors.

Who qualifies for Alice Barton Scholarships


Scholarships will ONLY be awarded to survivors residing in Iowa or attending an Iowa-accredited educational platformApplications from individuals not residing in Iowa and attending an Iowa-accredited educational platform will not be considered for the scholarship program.

Priority is given to survivor applicants:


  1. Seeking their first college degree or technical job training,

  2. Referred by a local domestic violence program, and

  3. Who have completed the Allstate Foundation Financial Literacy curriculum or another financial literacy program offered at their local domestic violence program.

Survivors are still encouraged to apply even if they do not fit the priority areas.


Contact Zebulon Beilke-McCallum at 515.244.8028.

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