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Stay up-to-date on issues surrounding intimate partner violence against women, men, children and communities across Iowa.

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White Papers

Our executive director and a Mid-Iowa Health Foundation HealthConnect Fellow, Dr. Maria Corona, created a new
resource that highlights Iowa Latinx immigrants’ strengths and regenerative powers despite legal violence and
opportunities for all Iowans to promote safe and healthy communities. It identified resilience factors used as families experience toxic levels of stress due to restrictive immigration policies and racist social climates that create 
an environment of “hypervigilance and fear,” separate families for prolonged and indefinite periods of time, allow for raids in homes and worksites, and make it possible to incarcerate and deport an unprecedented amount of people.

Dr. Corona's research found that within a sociopolitical climate of legal violence, Latinx families rely on planning, moral virtues, the cultural value of familismo, and many other internal strengths and tools. Iowans can respond by recognizing these strengths, working collaboratively with families, speaking up when attacks occur, and advocating for humane immigration reform, among other steps.



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