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Upcoming Trainings

Cultural Humility, Implicit Bias and Evolving with
Trauma-Informed Care to Healing Center Engagement

February 7, 2023
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

In partnership with ArtForce Iowa, we invite you to join this training session

and explore how cultural humility can enhance services for the people

you serve.



In this session, self-discovery and self-regulation will be the main focus, as

self-reflection is key to cultural humility. Utilizing art-based workshops, we will explore ways to create and foster feelings of autonomy, competence, and community in our practice and approach. These elements are crucial for supporting intrinsic motivation. Invest in the success of your clients, community, and colleagues by collaborating to create a safe environment where everyone can show up as their authentic selves. Starting the journey with yourself is the first step.


Learning Objectives: 

1. Humility is a process, and like healing, it’s an everyday practice.

2. Using the various art activities to aid in self-knowledge/self-awareness to create space for cultural humility.   


2 hours of CEU will be offered for attending this training. ASL and Spanish interpretation services are available upon request at registration.

Questions? Please contact Jocelyn at

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