About Us

Who We Are

The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) is the
leading voice to end intimate partner violence in Iowa. Through our
network of 22 statewide victim service programs, we provide
comprehensive services to anyone who has been a victim of a violent
crime – before, during and after.

We take a survivor-centered approach to victim services and
believe community-based agencies and interventions, healthcare,
educational and government systems should work together,
centering the voices and experiences of those most vulnerable in
our communities, to enhance safety for survivors and their families.
When that happens, everyone has the ability to reach their full
potential, thrive and live a life free from violence ... t
o the Last Girl.

Our Principle

We recognize and celebrate the interconnectedness of all life and focus on solutions that reduce or eliminate harm to our global environment.

Our Mission

The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence seeks to engage all people in a movement to change the social and political systems that perpetuate violence. We do this through education, advocacy and quality services.

Our Values

Beloved Community

  • We believe relationships are everything.

  • We believe that transparency and love create a foundation for growth, support and trust.


  • We believe access, opportunity, and self-determination are basic human rights.


  • We honor the diversity of people’s identities and experiences.

  • We believe centering the leadership and needs of people who have been the most marginalized makes us
    all stronger.

  • We believe intersectionality influences patterns of oppression.


  • We believe in radical change.

  • We believe that movement building and organizing with a multi-faceted, anti-racist framework will cultivate power to create liberation.


  • We believe in the necessity to acknowledge and repair harm.

  • We believe that transformative justice is rooted in whole community involvement and accountability and the creation of space for healing.