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This October, in recognition of Domestic Violence ACTION Month, we are re-launching a nonpartisan voter engagement campaign, #Vote Your Values.

Campaign Goals

  • Empower Iowa women and girls to use their voices to influence social and political change

  • Work to enhance equitable and inclusive policies to support survivors of intimate partner violence

  • Highlight and promote the importance of voter engagement

WEBINAR: Let's Vote: Understanding Voter
Engagement and Voting Your Values 


What questions do you have about the upcoming November
election? Are you wondering when early voting begins in Iowa
or the safety of voting by mail?

Lucky for you, we have the answers!


Check out this informative and insightful discussion with our
director of Public Policy, Laura Hessburg, and director of
Housing and Economic Justice, Zebulon Beilke-McCallum, to understand the importance of voting in the upcoming election, step-by-step instructions on how to register to vote, checking your registration status, finding your polling place and so much more. 

Rustic Thanksgiving Fundraiser Facebook

A fundraiser to support survivors of intimate partner violence

This October, in recognition of Domestic Violence ACTION
, we are hosting an online fundraiser, #NowIsTheTime,
to help and heal survivors of intimate partner violence.


We are setting a goal to raise $5,000.

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, and life as we know it
has changed, we understand that survivors and their families
are experiencing elevated levels of stress due to sheltering in
place with a person who harms, absences from work, school closings, financial struggles and the realities of this illness. Your financial contribution will help to ensure survivors can access the resources and services they need to stay safe.

To pledge a donation, CLICK HERE, and thank you for your support. 

#VoteYour Values Resources and Toolkits

#VoteYour Values Resources and Toolkits

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