Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children in Iowa and a lack of safe affordable housing is often identified by survivors as a barrier to escaping abuse. That is why ICADV’s Housing and Economic Justice program provides training and technical assistance to both victim service agencies and homeless provider agencies on policy’s and best practices to meet needs of homeless survivors and victims.      
Lack of economic resources often traps victims in abusive relationships. Victims in Iowa face all kinds of economic abuse including but not limited to identity theft, credit fraud, employment sabotage. In response ICADV works to strengthen victim and survivors financial capabilities through financial literacy training and asset building opportunities through our Survivors Achieving Financial Empowerment (SAFE project and Emergency Savings Program. As well as working to improve the broader economic opportunities for women through advocating for equal pay policies and an increase in the minimum wage.


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Zebulon Beilke-McMallum

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