ICADV Speaker's Bureau



Join a vibrant group of community volunteers who wish to share the impact domestic violence has had on their lives.


  • We share our stories to promote awareness

  • We share our stories to empower

  • We share our stories to remember

  • We share our stories to heal   


Primary Purpose

This group serves to provide opportunities for a variety of community members.  Specifically, members are connected with media, social groups and various community speaking engagements to share their stories with the hope of creating social change and offering hope to others impacted.


Secondary Purpose

To offer an alternative source of healing for persons who have experienced the impact of domestic violence in their lives.  Connecting survivors to one another through a peer support model.

For more information about this volunteer opportunity email Lindsay Pingel or call 515-421-4657.







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4725 Merle Hay Road, STE 107, Des Moines, Iowa 50322

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